Multi Media Player for Entertainment Systems

The Multi Media Player (MMP) represents a standalone device for playing video and multichannel audio for entertainment or information purposes in busses, coaches, trains, boats etc.

Multimedia material from all kinds of file formats is played by an harddisk based video player with internal removable SATA 2,5" HDD of unlimited size.

Additionally multichannel audio in MP3 file format is played by individual modules from standard low cost micro SD cards.

image Multi Media Player

MMP Main Features

Video Player Specifications

Multichannel Audio Player

The multichannel audio player block consist of individual MP3 modules incorporated in the same MMP enclosure. Its operation is independant of the video player.

Up to 8 modules can be fitted on the main board. Each module plays its content from a separate micro SD card (up to 32GB each). The modules start playing in an endless manner when power is applied. The analog stereo output from each player is available at pins of the the 37p SUB-D connector to interconnect with an on-board audio distribution system. The purpose is to provide a selection of music channels (classic, rock, jazz, etc) to an audience that prefers listening to music instead of watching a movie.

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